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In addition to the principles and guidelines given by the Ministry of Education, HRC like other Catholic Secondary School returned to the Catholic Church in Enugu state has clearly set dates for reopening, closing, and midterm breaks and Holy-days, of obligations. Lateness in arriving from vacation (5PM) or leaving for vacation (12noon) attracts two weeks suspension during the session. Parents MUST accompany the student back to be re-admitted into the college at the expiration of the suspension. Regular punctual attendance is required of all students. Parents have the responsibility to inform the college by letter if the student can not resume with others. This information must reach us on or before the resumption day. A maximum of 3 times permission within the 6 years will be granted.


ALL STUDENTS are expected to participate in the general cleanliness of their classrooms, dormitories, refectory and surroundings on rotational basis. The class/ dormitory /refectory/ sanitation / labour / restroom captains should keep an accurate record of such duty rosters. Sweeping of classrooms is done after school every day. Where the student on duty is not available, the class captain should appoint other students to do the job. Such duties are usually used as punishment for noise makers in the class. Other places are cleaned at their allotted times in the mornings. Students must be conscious of the cleanliness of their surroundings by not littering as well as picking up any liters irrespective of who littered them.
A.      DRESS:

  • All students must wear the school uniform cap and brown Cortina with navy blue stockings for ALL OFFICIAL EVENTS including Mass, Chapel, Classes, all formal occasions and for going out of the school premises for any reason.
  • Only the foot wears approved by the school (brown Cortina/sport shoes and blue bathroom slippers) are permitted.
  • All wrong uniforms that do not conform to the acceptable standard, wrong stockings, foot wears and earrings will be confiscated and forfeited. Such materials are given to charity homes of appropriate or destroyed by the student concerned.
  • Students should all time be neat, modest and clean, blouses should be buttoned up properly and tucked in. Only the “full stop” earrings should be worn.
  • For class, senior students are to wear sky blue short-sleeve blouses and blue skirts while the junior students wear sky blue short-sleeve blouse and blue pinafore over it. Wrong shades of the college uniforms are confiscated and forfeited. Only the college long or short sleeved cardigans/pullovers may also be worn. Full names must be woven onto it.
  • Students wear the blue checks in the afternoons and evenings as well as on Sundays. (The gown must be ‘A’ lined, round in the back and 4-corner (NOT TOO LONG) in the front neck). With a belt sewn on the dress. For visiting Sundays and major Church Feast, the College Celebration Uniform is worn.
  • For games, students wear a pair of white short tights/ knickers ,white stockings and canvass shoes, white flayed skirt, college “T” shirts or/ and blue short sleeve check (blouse). The game prefects in charge will advice in case of doubt.

ALL THE UNIFORMS ARE AVAILABLE IN THE SCHOOL. Every student deposits the sum of N3000 per term with the V.P Students Decorum foe eventual replacement of uniform. Full refund is given if not used.

  •  Special attention should be paid to hair, teeth, personal hygiene and nails. Students always wear low cut hair and short nails.
  • Cutex/nail polish, make-ups, jewelleries and TRINKETS, SUNGLASSES E.TC. are strictly prohibited. Students must NEVER WEAR MAKE-UPS or use the above. Recalcitrant students are suspended for 4 days to do manual labour.
  • Students should be especially careful of their dressing when speaking to or attending to visitors/members of staff, when entering the chapel, when going out of the school premises, or for any formal occasion.

Since part of the formation given to the young ladies is scholarly education, which takes place in the classrooms, certain behaviours are necessary in enhancing teaching and learning.

  • Classrooms are out of bounds for non-class members except for authorized combined classes.
  • Sanitarians are to check all classrooms before assembly to see that they are all ready for classes to begin: Blackboards should be darkened. Rooms should be swept the night before and when ever dirty and trash-cans must be emptied.
  • Students must be punctual, seated and ready with the necessary textbooks and writing materials before the commencement of each class.
  • Habitual noise making and loitering are prohibited and attracts severe punishments.
  • Students are to remain in the classroom and participate actively in class until it is break time or school over.
  • They are not allowed to leave the classroom without their class permit card .The permission is given by the teacher, class or study prefects as the case may be. Permissions are given to not more than two students at a time and for a period of not more than ten minutes.
  • Students must work quietly in their class during lessons, individual study periods or during preps and night studies, supervised by their study prefects. They must leave their classes quietly after evening and night preps.
  • Students are expected to do their private studies without disturbing others when no teacher is in class.
  • Utmost respect must be given to teachers and prefects.
  • Students should not engage in a subject other than the one being taught/discussed in class at a particular time.
  • Each student must take care of her textbooks and exercise books, and arranged them neatly in her desk .This may be checked by the form teachers or study prefects any time. Student must bring only recommended books to school.
  • All Class-tests, projects, assignments, and terminal exams are compulsory for all students. Any absence will militate against the student’s final exams and assessment.
  • No make up tests is given to any student who misses any of this appraisal exercises. Assessments, assignments /projects and test must be done and submitted according to the directives of the teacher.
  • Academic take home assignment /projects given at midterm break and vacations must be well done and submitted
  • No student is allowed to take chalk from a classroom or write on the black board, unless asked to do so by a member of staff, under his /her supervision.
  • Owners of books littered are sanctioned.
  • Classroom lights must be switched off after classes/studies. Every student must leave the classes then.
  • Use of private radio sets, recorders and videotapes, manual and electronic toys, computer games, noisy or programmable electronic calculators etc are prohibited in the school. No student must bring a radio /walkman /stereo /mobile phone /camera to the college. NOTE. Such materials are confiscated and forfeited when discovered. The student is EXPELLED.
  • No student is to be seen selling or hawking in the school. This attracts indefinite suspension as it shows the student to be more inclined to trading than studying.
  • Students must NOT SLEEP IN THE CLASSES.


  • A student must not be found in the dormitories other than her own, sleep two on a bed, or sleep on another’s bed. NO STUDENT SHOULD BE WOKEN UP FROM SLEEP FOR ANY ERRAND. THIS ATTRACTS 2 WEEKS SUSPENSION.
  • Students must complete their morning charges before 7:20am.
  • The dormitories and their surroundings must be tidy at all times. Full use should be made of the box room and Trash cans.
  • Prefects are to lock the dormitories before morning assembly, during the afternoon and evening preps and during the night studies. A designated staff/prefect is responsible for the keys during these periods. (VP Boarding to decide).
  • There should be silence in the dormitories during these siesta and after light out. Noise making, chatting and roaming around are prohibited during these periods.
  • No student may be called to another dormitory without the permission of the school authority.
  • No student is allowed to write, draw or stick pictures /posters on the walls without the permission of the school authorities. Clothings are not hung on the electric wires.
  • Turn off all lights when leaving the dormitories.
  • Students with urinary incontinence will not be allowed membership of this college.
  • Dormitories are out of bounds during school hours, prep, games and prayer periods. Defaulters are seriously sanctioned.
  • Studying is not permitted in the hostels. All textbooks and exercise books must be kept in the classroom Except with special permission from V.P Boarding.


  • All students must be present for meals punctually, unless they have the permission of the V.P Boarding/chief refectorians in exceptional cases. LATE COMERS FORFEIT THEIR MEALS 10 MINUTES AFTER GRACE BEFORE MEALS.
  • Everyone must be seated during meals with the following tools:

(i) 1 stainless soup bowl (ii) 1 Stainless flat plate 
(iii) 1 set of cutlery fork, knife and spoon 
(iv) 1 cup (v) 1 table mat

  • No one should start eating before the GRACE FOR MEAL OR leaves the refectory before a general Grace after meal is said.
  • No food must be removed from the refectory except for someone who is sick by the nurses or/and the infirmarians. FOOD MUST NEVER BE EATEN IN THE DORMITORY. EXCHANGE OF FOOD FOR SNACKS OR OTHER FOOD .THESE ATTRACTS INDEFINITE SUSPENSION /DETENTION ETC.
  • Special food is not served to any student. Any student who rarely eats our college food will be required to withdraw from the college.
  • Cooking by students is absolutely forbidden. Defaulters are expelled. Apart from visiting days/resumption from mid-term break & holidays, no food is brought to the student for any reason.
  • Wastage of food / and struggling for food are unladylike and are serious offences. Defaulters are surcharged for such meals.
  • The kitchen and food store are strictly out of bounds for students except those permitted by the V.P Boarding.
  • The matron controls the refectory with the refectorians. The V.P boarding, the boarding mistresses, the school prefects and the refectorians on duty make public announcements
  • Refectory tables /floor/serving pots must be cleaned after every meal and trash cans empty.
  • Class refectorians to submit names of absentees to Main Refectorians daily.


  • All students must be punctual and participate actively at manual duties. Any student who fails to participate will be considered not mature for Boarding School and should be reported to the Labour master/ Prefects and the Sanitarians in charge of the work.
  • Necessary tools must be brought and taken back after the work.
  • No book should be carried to the manual work site.
  • Manual labour lasts for only one hour so students should not while away their time.
  • No student will be completely exempted from ALL forms of manual labour /charges. With special medical permission exemption may be given by V.P Environment for a maximum of one month.

F.LEAVING THE COMPOUND: The Exit card alone is the official identity for leaving the school for any reason at all. LEAVING THE COMPOUND WITHOUT THE PERMISSION FROM THE DESIGNATED AUTHORITY is breaking of bounds and attracts AUTOMATIC EXPULSION FROM THE COLLEGE.
Any one given permission to leave the school premises must have the reason, as well as the time of departure recorded in the official register and exit card by the school authorities. They must also have the time for their return recorded. They must be duly signed in on their return. Only senior hostel madams /V.P Boarding could grant such permissions. Using another person’s  EXIT CARD OR FORGING THE DESIGNATED  AUTHORITIES SINATURE IS A CRIMINAL ACT AND ATTRACTS INDEFINITE SUSPENSION (EXPULSION).


  • The administrative offices and staff rooms are out of bounds to students AT ALL TIMES EXECEPT DURING BREAK PERIODS. Students can see any staff they want to only during break period. For those appointed to carry exercise books or staff room workers, permission must be obtained from any staff present in the staff room to enter at all times.
  • Outings: When duly signed out, all students must be back in the school compound before the time indicated on the exit card.
  • Every Exit card must have the student’s passport photo affixed & stamped to be an official document. Do not sign of papers of plain exit cards.
  • While in town or during holidays and midterm breaks, students must not visit places like bars and all unauthorized social places/gatherings etc but must always act with the decorum as befits students of this noble college.


  • All visitors are received only in the MULTI-PURPOSE HALL AND OUTSIDE, NEVER IN THE HOSTELS. CLASSROOM could be used ONLY when it rains.
  • No visitor is permitted to see a student without her identity card shown at the gate. All visitors must have the necessary permission/authority before speaking to students.
  • No student should ever call another student for a visitor without a clear authorization from the teacher on duty or the school authorities.
  • On visiting days students remain in their classes/dormitories until called by the prefects assigned.
  • No visitors is allowed to go beyond the visiting point (i.e. administrative block) unless on official tour and in the company of the school authorities.
  • Cooked food “Not Mr. Biggs” or Snacks is allowed only on visiting day or after the vacation/midterm breaks. Students eat what they need and return the rest to their parents.
  • All visitors must leave the compound at 4:45pm dot. Bible study is at 5:00 p.m.
  • Vehicles are inspected on entering and leaving the compound.
  • The security officers, teachers and college functionaries MUST be treated with the UTMOST respect and courtesy.
  • Visitors should be treated with utmost respect and courtesy.
  • Visitors are not allowed to visit students outside this visiting day and time. IN EXCEPTIONAL EMERGENCY CASES the principalmay authorize a visit. This must be done through the teacher on duty between 10:40 a.m only


  • Parents are required to ensure their daughters get all the necessary vaccinations and check-ups before returning to the school. The school offers only treatment for minor ailments and first aid. Do not hide the health history of your daughter from the authorities, as the consequences may be too high. Medical information are treated as sacred.
  • Sick students should make use of the school dispensary or sick bay. A female consultant physician consults MONDAYS & FRIDAYS WEEKLY.
  • If they have to go home to obtain a hospital treatment ,they must:
  •  Have been referred home by the College Doctor or the College Nurses if outside the consulting days of the college doctor.
  • Must tender a medical report from a proper hospital not a chemist/maternity to the nurses for the college doctor. This genuine hospital report (NOT EXCUSE DUTY CERTIFICATE) must indicate the ailment treated, any follow up required, and fitness to be in the hostels.
  • Deposit all medication with the names of the student well written out with the infirmary for supervisory administration by the nurses.
  • Have their names recorded in the hospital book or exact card by the designated staff.
  • Dress in complete school uniforms NOT A DAY WEAR & SLIPPERS.
  • IT IS THE PARENT’S RESPONSIBILITY TO REPORT OFFICIALLY TO THE AUTHORITIES IF THEIR DAUGHTER IS ADMITTED IN A HOSPITAL. Going to hospital must not become an excuse for visiting or shopping in the town.
  • The nurses infirmarian and senior hostel madams must be careful to keep the VP boarding closely informed about any serious sickness, especially when a few students complain of the same ailment, The Authorities must be informed.
  • Student must have a guardian in ENUGU in case where the parent reside outside ENUGU. This is necessary in the event of their being admitted to the general hospital or any clinic in the town or for disciplinary reasons.
  • Appointment card to authenticate hospital appointment is necessary.
  • We always bring your daughter home or contact parent to collect their daughters if the sickness requires your closer supervision. If you need to take your daughter home on account of ill health you are free but please dialogue with the authorities before.
  • The college foots the hospital bills for sickness that can be treated in school and parents refund as soon as possible.
  • Students who are in the habits of refusing drugs/ treatment from the college Medical doctor /nurses and insist on going home may be asked to withdraw.
  • Only the College Nurses with clearance from the VP Boarding and college authority can call parents to collect their daughter.


Responsibility / accountability and carefulness are values we cherish and uphold.

  • Students should report immediately to the prefect /staff/ authority any damage to the college property. (Windows, desks, chairs, library books, trees, crops and ornamental flowers etc.). They are expected to pay /replace any school property they damage or lose, etc.
  • They are also to replace any of the personal effects of other students they damage or misplace. It is a rule.
  • Any student who defaces the walls repaints the entire surface.
  • Students must not mark/ inscribe their names on college property (Chairs, Lockers, Tables etc).
  • It is an offence for students to write or draw on notice Boards.
  • Students must not go home with any property from the school even when the said property is assigned for her use here in school.

J. CORPORAL PUNISHMENTS- While affirming the values placed in our culture for forming young people as expressed in the proverbs (spare the rod and break the child) we are committed to achieving the required formation without resorting to canning. Where it must be used as THE disciplinary sanction, it must be authorized by the disciplinary council and executed by approved staff. This is an exception NOT A RULE.

  • No student is allowed to administer corporal punishment on another student no matter the provocation. The proper authority must authorize all punishments. The Hand Book on Behavior for Learning is their to guide.
  • Bullying (physical or verbal), maltreatment of junior students and fighting are serious offences and are strictly forbidden. Under no circumstances, are they tolerated.


  • All electronic gadgets / telephones, I pads, films.
  • All coloured wears except night wear (Not improvised night wears).
  • No parting gifts, birthday gifts etc.
  • All non- recommended novels , magazines, photo albums etc. any student found with ANY OF THE ABOVE IS EXPELLED AUTOMATICALLY.


  • All fees are paid in drafts from non-distressed banks preferable Umuchinemerem Community bank, first bank and fidelity bank.
  • Bank drafts must be paid at the beginning of every term. If any reason a student cannot pay the fees, she is to notify the school authority in writing and remain at home until the parents buy the drafts. H R C is an all boarding school and it is only through prompt payment of fees can bulk purchases be done to facilitate the feeding of the students.
  • Parents reserve the right to withdraw their daughters from the college, at any time as long as they apply, fill and submit the school clearance form. No refund (partial or full) of fess is done.
  • The college for serious offence or habitual deviant behavior could suspend /expel a student ANY TIME OF THE YEAR. No fees are refunded to any student expelled.
  • A suspended student must not be in the college premises before the expiration of the time. She come back o the date and time specified with parents/ officially approved guardian. Undertaking for good behavior is written and signed by student and counter signed by parents/guardians are contacted to come pick up their wards if suspended.


  • No student may move any furniture anywhere at any time without the permission of the owner or the authority. She is to return it after use. Appropriating another student’s chair, locker or cap is termed stealing and is considered a serious offence, and will be severely sanctioned.
  • No student may ask a member of staff for money or the use/ loan of record players, radios, mobile phones etc.
  • A maximum of N1500 could be given as pocket money and kept in the custody of a staff of their choice for every term as they are all boarders and have balanced and adequate meals.
  • Every student must use her free time judiciously. In the evenings and during their spare time each should engaged either in games, in manual work, or private pious or educational gatherings approved by the authorities.
  • Gossips, dishonesty and telling lies are abhorrent and seriously punished.
  • Students are not allowed to form cliques or to belong to any secret societies. The principal must authorize all meetings and collection of levies/ dues
  • All students are expected to obey tutors and prefects and fully co-operate with them. For no reason whatsoever should a student assault, insult or be insubordinate to a teacher or a prefect. An aggrieved student is advised to report such grievances in writing to the school authority.
  • All students should take pride in the college and its reputation and never do anything that might mar that reputation inside and outside the college.
  • In accepting a place in the college, a student is automatically bound to abide by the rules and regulations of the college. Severe sanctions (suspension from class/ school and expulsion from the college) may be administered to defaulters.

Since education and formation of youth is a collaborative ministry between the home and the school, parents are expected to respond cheerfully to invitations for all activities organized by the school. Please be a real member of Holy Rosary College community by maximally co operating and collaborating with us.

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